• High-precision survey of fields with regard to relief
  • Online monitoring of fields from height of tens or hundreds of meters
  • High-precision identification of problematic areas with GPS / RTK references
  • Quality control over planting, fertilization and soil treatment procedures
  • Quality control over agricultural machinery performance
  • Differentiated fertilization
  • Counting seedlings and biological harvesting capacity

Benefits of the UAV technologies


Data acquired using UAV

  • Accuracy – from 2 cm / pixel
  • Data Access – daily
  • Efficiency – on demand

Satellite data

  • Accuracy – 50 cm / pixel
  • Data Access – weekly + dependence on the clouds
  • Efficiency – depending on the order of priority

Recently, the technology of precision farming was a revolution in agriculture. However, with the use of drones, we can increase efficiency even further.

Using a drone you can take images of a highest resolution covering hundreds of acres per flight. You may choose to either use our products on your own (training is possible) or to make use of our services. We provide information on your object/territory/field when it is needed, with a much higher resolution than the information received from the satellites irrespective of cloud cover.

Using spectral sensors you can get the information not only in the visual spectrum, but in different spectral bands to calculate vegetation indexes or to map the distribution of soils.

All the data has the exact coordinates granting a possibility for a detailed examination and laboratory analysis.


Sample Data


Photographic materials in the near-infrared spectra (NIR) in order to analyze NDVI index

  • Calculation of biomass
  • Monitoring of growth
  • Monitoring of weeds
  • Differentiated fertilization