Airborne UAVs Based Solutions

Simple and Compact

With a weight of 3kg it does not require control skills and professional equipment.


Quickly acquire your own georeferenced data and orthophoto


On-board flight controller automatically collects visual data

Autonomous flights

Wind resistance up to 27 km/h in autonomous mode

Coverage of up to 400 hectares (4 square km) with precision 5 cm / pixel

“Flight with radio”, “Return to start point”, “Autonomous flight”

Stable platform to perform launching from autonomous set-down

Removable and foldable wings for easy transportation

Video signal at Live View mode (additional option)

Possibility of thermal camera integration (additional option)

User training


  • Controlling quality of agricultural machinery operation
  • Real-time monitoring of fields from a height of tens or hundreds of meters
  • Identification of problem areas with high precision and GPS reference
  • Differentiated fertilization
  • High-precision measurement of fields based on topography
  • Counting seedlings and biological productivity

Ready to Fly Package

The airborne set includes everything required to execute a flight.