Drones attack: development of the European market

Since the beginning of 2016, a new European enterprise UAV.tools funded by Latvian and Ukrainian partners began to work. Establishment of the company was initiated in May 2015 on the base of enterprises Rigas Dronu Fabrika and Aerial Production Services. Thus, the new company has provided itself with existing customer base and necessary staff.

At the new market, the conception of services and solutions has not changed. Similarly to activity in Ukraine, the main processes are formed around the corporate segment, in particular, agriculture, geodesy/topography, mining, etc.

The focus of the enterprise is development of new and adaptation of existing Ukrainian solutions for local markets, their sales and maintenance. An advantage of UAV.Tools is ability to use accostable Ukrainian R&D and IT resources, allowing the company to stand out among its competitors at the European market.

A separate task is promotion of peaceful unmanned technologies in the Baltic States.

To date, UAV.tools already provides services and collaborates with “Metrum”, “Binders” and “Getliņi EKO” which are the largest regional companies in the fields of geodesy and cadastral works, road construction and waste management, as well as other enterprises and government institutions.

Production assets of the European enterprise allow assembly of drones, including popular platform PD1900 which is used for agromonitoring or scanning of large-area objects, as well as providing maintenance and service of the drones. Current service capability of UAV.tools in the areal survey reaches more than 2,000 ha per day.

Strategic objectives of UAV.tools in 2016 include business expansion in the Baltic States and Scandinavia; in long term: active market activity in Central and Western Europe.