Multi-rotor UAVs Based Solutions

Multi-rotor platforms designed by UAV.Tools are  mainly for detailed 3-dimensional models of buildings and structures, small areas of objects, remote inspection, as well as for both video and photo aerial capture, remote inspection.

Multi-rotor platforms provide high manoeuvrability and control, what makes it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of remote inspection or monitoring.

Technical Specifications

Speed: up to 40 km/h
Weight: 1,5 – 11kg
Flight duration: 40 minutes
Resistance to wind: up to 27km/h
Telemetry transmission on a laptop or a tablet: up to 40 km
Covering up to 150ha per flight with a resolution of 5 cm / pixel

Operational Height: 30-500m
Vertical Takeoff and Landing
Battery: 10000mAh


Real-time monitoring
Remote inspection
Topography and modeling
Aerial photography and video recording
Measurement of objects with a high precision
Good addition to precision farming