How high the drone can flight?

In Europe, uncontrolled airspace is limited to altitude of 120 m.

How far the drone can flight?

Flight range of the drone is limited by battery life and technical characteristics. Flights must be operated under maintaining a constant visual control.

Does one need piloting experience?

No, but it will definitely help. We offer training course that allows to master the basic skills of piloting for independent operation.

Can the drones flight automatically?

All drones designed by UAV.tools have auto-navigating function. It allows to perform flight in fully automatic mode from takeoff to landing.

What is required for flights in automatic mode?

If you purchase a drone in “Ready-to-flight” configuration, the only additional items you need is a laptop/tablet for installing the ground station software and the sensor (camera), specific to the type of data you need.

What is the drone-based mapping?

For the purpose of mapping, the drone is automatically following mesh-like flight route. Throughout the route, the camera is aimed straight down and captures pictures with intervals necessary to cover the entire area of ​​interest. Hereafter the pictures are stitched in orthophoto image and georeferencing is performed.

Is it possible to modify the drone?

Depending on work specification and data you want to obtain, we can offer different options for modifications of existing platforms. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Does one need permissions for flights?

Permissions are not required for operating the drones below 120 m. Still, it is necessary to respect safety rules and operating conditions. The drones must be piloted within visibility range.

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