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UAV.Tools knows how to perform all work related to precision farming or area monitoring with the highest quality. Our own staff of pilots allows us to carry out even the most complex work in the shortest possible time. Jobs, transportation, depreciation of equipment — we take care of all these issues.

We provide an opportunity to obtain information from drones, use satellite monitoring data and laboratory diagnostics in our work.

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Effective high-tech solutions

Low production and time-consuming operations are now a thing of the past. UAV.Tools advanced equipment and integrated agriculture management system provide intelligent data collection and analysis, applicable for field planning, crop inspection, and insect and pest control.

Agriculture quadrocopters


Agriculture plane drones

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Agriculture software


Protecting crops

The Agras T16 drone can be used to apply plant protection products and implement crops.

Optimized Power. Unrivaled Performance

The Agras T16 has an improved overall structure with modular design and supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the T16 brings operation efficiency to a whole new level.

«TO GO» solutions

UAV.Tools  provides agricultural workers with not only efficient equipment, but also intelligent solutions that save time and increase production volumes. The benefits are clear for many professionals, from farmers and growers to agricultural cooperatives and service companies.

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Different goals — Different solutions

UAV.Tools are not only empowers agriculture professionals with powerful equipment but also provides intelligent solutions that save time and increase workflow, benefiting a wide range of customers from farmers and growers to agricultural cooperation and service agencies.


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Our solutions support digital, information and intelligence to enable precise field control operations for crops such as rice, wheat and corn. This allows agricultural workers to increase the convenience and efficiency of operations, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality and yield of crops.


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Thanks to advanced AI technologies, drones are able to perform work on objects with any kind of crops, including horticultural crops, vineyards and palm plantations. As with crops, our solutions will help agricultural workers improve ease of operation and reduce costs, and positively change the quality and yield of crops.

Mountainous terrain

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High-tech systems and technologies for determining the angle of inclination of the surface allow you to easily process and collect data from mountainous surfaces. Create a 3D model of your objects and collect all the necessary information even in hard-to-reach places to increase yields and, as a result, increase profits. With traditional scenarios, a person would spend weeks gathering this kind of information.

Flexible solutions Intelligent processes

UAV.Tools aims to improve the efficiency and manufacturability of the crop protection process. To do this, we use drones and other technologies that fully solve the tasks set by farmers.

RTK Solutions

Centimeter-level Positioning
High-precision Data Collection
Image Collection of 247 Acres Within 25 Minutes 

Multispectral Data

Spectral survey
Visual and NDVI field maps
Collecting images on 100 hectares in 25 minutes

Software Analytics

Real-time Mapping
2D/3D Modeling
AI Operation Planning

Plant protection

Highly efficient work
10 hectares in 1 hour
Working with difficult terrain


While precision farming technologies have revolutionized agriculture in recent years, the use of drones can further improve work efficiency.

With your drone, you can capture high definition images covering hundreds of hectares in a single flight. You can use UAV.Tools equipment on your own, or order our services. We provide information on your fields when you need it, with a much higher resolution than information received from satellites and does not depend on clouds.

Using spectral sensors Drone.UA you can receive information not only in the visual spectrum, but also in different spectral ranges for calculating vegetation indices or compiling soil distribution maps.

All data are provided with precise coordinates with the possibility of detailed study and laboratory analysis