UAV.Tools is a leading integrator of unmanned technologies in Ukraine, a distributor of professional equipment for unmanned technologies, and leading software products for UAVs.

UAV.Tools is a distributor of commercial and industrial solutions of Parrot company, distributor of Drone Deploy and Pix4D software in Eastern Europe, as well as importer and distributor of commercial equipment and industrial solutions of DJI company.

Our main goal is to develop the market for unmanned technologies in the field of industrial applications. Drones are, first of all, peaceful technologies, which are already increasing the efficiency of enterprises in the agricultural, mining, energy, and other areas.

We proud that UAV.Tools became one of the key importers and distributors of professional equipment for unmanned technologies, and leading software products for UAVs, more than 30% of all sales on the drone market in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It is our result. The world’s largest drone brands trust us with certification, import and distribution of equipment.

Наши Бренды

Areas of activity:

Agriculture, operational cartography, mining, insurance market, telecom, energy, oil and gas industries.

The international cooperation:

The company is actively engaged in foreign economic activity and develops cooperation with global manufacturers and brands: Pix4D, DroneDeploy, DJI, Parrot, MicaSense.

With the development of international UAV.Tools partnerships, foreign unmanned technologies become available to European users and local manufacturers.

Development of the European market:

One of the key parameters of all the company’s activities is the development of the European market for drones and robots. UAV.TOOLS works closely with government agencies and institutions, as well as educational institutions to disseminate knowledge about unmanned vehicles and introduce technology into production processes.

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